Our Seed-to-Store Promise

From seed-to-store, all of our products are grown, formulated, manufactured, packaged and distributed from our centuries-old farm.


Step 1

Genetic Selection

Our hemp seeds are perfectly suited for Maine’s growing conditions, the result of years of selectivity, something we continue to do today.


Step 2

Germination, Planting & Cultivation

All of our seeds begin in our state-of-the-art greenhouse and germinate in rockwool, a neutral environment that ensures they develop a strong root structure and healthy genetics. Each seedling is then combined with a natural nutrient solution and dropped by hand into the rich Maine soil.


Step 3

Hand Harvest

At harvest, fully-mature plants are cut by hand to ensure the preservation and quality of the hemp flowers.


Step 4

Drying & selection

Old tobacco drying barns are used to dry the flower. By drying the flower we are able to remove the moisture from the plant and allow for more efficient extraction and processing. This is the first stage in the process where our flower is sent to third-party labs to support the quality of our product.


Step 5

Extraction, Processing & Analysis

We built one of the largest Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) lab spaces in Maine where we do closed-loop, cryo-hydrocarbon extractions. This allows us to identify and extract only the most beneficial compounds from the flower. Third-party lab testing is completed following the extraction process as we use the CBD oil to create need-state and milligram-specific formulations. At Prospect Farms, we gather everything you want and none of what you don’t, targeting only the highest quality CBD.


Step 6

Ingredient Selection

When it comes to what goes into our products, our CBD is organically-grown at Prospect Farms and our ingredients are meticulously sourced and selected from premium manufacturers.


Step 7

Product Formulation & Quality Controls

With a base of high quality CBD and all natural ingredients, our subject matter experts leverage decades of experience to formulate products for specific need-states. We ensure compliance and standards to this heightened level of care through a rigorous quality control process for each of our wellness products.


Step 8


A batch number is applied to each of our products, allowing us to trace each product back to a plot of land on our farm. A full package of third-party lab tests is assembled for each product so our customers have full insight and complete transparency into our products


Step 9


All of our products are packaged and distributed right from our farm. We partner with the United States Postal Service to offer shipping options that meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council certification standards, ensuring conscientious delivery of our products to our customers.