Natural Balance Topical—Protection & Relief
Natural Balance Topical—Protection & Relief Natural Balance Topical—Protection & Relief Natural Balance Topical—Protection & Relief

Natural Balance Topical—Protection & Relief

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Our Natural Balance Topical + Antibacterial protection is formulated to help reduce microbial & bacterial content and promote on-the-spot muscle recovery.

This dual-purpose CBD topical is crafted with premium, all-natural ingredients for targeted pain relief, decreased inflammation, and microbial & bacterial suppression. Rub the all-natural Protection & Relief Topical on sore or achy areas to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. If a stronger effect is desired, apply more liberally on the targeted area for additional relief.

This artisanal blend includes full spectrum CBD and naturally derived terpenes, including Linalool & Limonene, all-natural stress relievers that help reduce microbial & bacterial content and eliminate fungal growth. Further enhanced by Beeswax, helping the skin stay hydrated and retain moisture along with featuring naturally occurring antibacterial properties, and Jojoba Oil, a great source of Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and Antioxidants.

We never use synthetic chemicals, dyes, parabens, or fragrances in our topical products. You get the protection and relief that you need without the chemicals that can irritate and damage your skin. Lab-tested and trusted to ensure purity and potency. All of our lab results are available for you to review on our website.

Crafted without chemicals or solvents and can be delivered nationwide. As always, our products are backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Key Features

lab tested
organically grown
cultivated in maine
responsibly developed
full spectrum

Featured Ingredients

Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Avocado Oil
Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil
Vitamin E Oil


Gently massage your nighttime relief into skin. If a stronger effect is desired, apply as needed on the targeted areas for additional relief.



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Try it before bed.
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Try it on sore muscles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jennifer L.
Works Almost Immediately

I love the topical lotion. I hurt my knee (severe sprain?) and was experiencing some pain and soreness so a friend let me try her jar of Dream topical lotion. I had to immediately buy some for myself! When visiting my parents, I also had my mom try it on her knee for her arthritis and she felt the results right away also... so I had to sign up for the subscription, of course!

Gail Z.

My daughter is a massage therapist and the topical is too greasy for her to use while working…she uses it some at night.
However, she has been using the tincture and finds it very helpful

eileen d.
I love it!

Each night I rub a little Protection and Relief on my shoulders and back of my neck. I can feel myself de-stress immediately!
Thank you!

Kathleen G.
Nature Balance Protection and Relief topical

Just wonderful. Recommended it and your company to several friends. Gave me more relief than anything I have tried for my hip (bone on bone problem and looking at future surgery) and my knee also affected by the hip issue. I have tried more topicals than I want to list and this balm works to allow walking and sleeping at night. Keep up the good work.

Randall H.
It’s for real !

It’s for real. I was a little skeptical at first but not anymore. I have chronic neck pain and I have Partial replacements in both knees. After a generous application and time to soak in, pain is diminished and flexibility returns. This product is a must try.

Jeanne C.H.
It works!

I've had each of my knees replaced twice. I have alot of pain and stiffness if I do too much during the day. I applied this in the afternoon when I've had alot of pain, put my feet up for a bit and they felt great after a rest! This stuff is a game changer for me!

Balance Topical

I have been using balance topical for six months and the arthritis pain in my knees is all but gone. I rub it on once a day in the morning and also on my hands once and the inflammation is all but gone. Wonderful to be playing tennis again pain free.