They comfort us. We comfort them.

All Organically Grown In Maine

We believe nature has a way of making the best solutions simple. This is why we take the time to organically grow, harvest, and craft our pet drop by hand to help your dog live well naturally.

Each of our pet products features veterinarian approved formulations that are carefully formulated for your dog’s size, diet and need.

Prospect Farms
Prospect Farms

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Every dog is special and we strive to provide the perfect product that fits their needs and yours. Tell us a bit about your dog and what you’re hoping to improve in their life and you’ll see a tailored recommendation.

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Georgie & Bixby

“Life in New York City can be tough on our rescue dog Bixby, but since using Prospect Farms, he’s been noticeably more calm while not ever losing the spark of energy we love.”

Our Farm

Only 10 minutes inland from the pristine central Maine coast, the landscape changes. Rocky shores give way to rolling fields, surrounded by centuries old dense forests. The soil is rich and spring-fed water from the Stockton aquifer, untouched. This is where you find the town of Prospect Maine, home to Prospect Farms.